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Speedy Packaging for Debt Consolidation​

January 2024

The situationAlready facing the challenge of meeting their monthly payments on an unsecured loan, when the client’s car needed costly repairs, they decided that they needed expert financial advice and reached out to their existing mortgage advisor to discuss potential options for a £27,000 loan.

Quickly recognising that the client would hugely benefit from a speedy second charge mortgage to consolidate their existing debts and cover their immediate car repair costs, the broker approached TLP to help with the application and packager Charleigh stepped up to offer their help.

The Loan Partnership Packaging Second Charge Mortgage
Charleigh Wooddeson The Loan Partnership

Our solutionAfter initially assessing and underwriting the case to fully understand the client’s situation and financial background, Charleigh identified Tandem Home Loans as a suitable choice for this particular deal. 

Known for their common sense approach to lending and their dedication to work with brokers to get the offer issued as hassle-free as possible made Tandem the ideal fit for this client. 

By using her in-depth criteria knowledge, Charleigh was able to get the client’s answers to all of Tandem’s requirements prior to submitting the case, making the lender’s decision even easier. Because of this, Tandem were able to come back with an application update on the same day as submission. 

Tandem is also one of the few lenders that will call and go through updates, which is hugely beneficial for getting the application processed as quickly as possible.

After managing all the paperwork and requirements for the case, Charleigh was able to help secure a very comprehensive loan that would provide the client with a monthly reduction of £357.75, as well as provide the funds to get their car back on the road.

Through Charleigh’s dedication to the client and extensive lender knowledge, the whole process from application to completion took just 5 working days.

The client’s feedbackUnderstandably, both the client and the introducer were thrilled with the speedy results and the client is now in a much more comfortable financial position for 2024.

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