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Phew, That’s One Less Thing For You To Worry About

We get it. We get that the dreaded word Compliance may not be your favourite and it can feel like just another layer of complexity when it comes to placing a deal in an already complex market. What are the most recent regulatory changes? Do they apply to this particular case? Are you fully compliant? Can I just get this deal placed already?

Well, this is exactly why we’ve got you covered. No need to produce KFIs, IDDs or application forms and all the other boring documentation, all you have to do is refer the case to us – AND we do the rest and split the income right down the middle with you.
The Loan Partnership Mortgage Introducer Compliance

With every case with TLP, you get the full force of our in-house compliance team to help remove these barriers, to ensure your client avoids any unnecessary application delays and most importantly to give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting your deal over the line.

So to give you a quick peek into our compliance corner and to introduce the team that will be helping you fight the good fight, we caught up with Katie, Emma and Andy to get their latest take on the current compliance landscape and more on how they are supporting introducers and clients to reduce delays and simplify the application process.

Let’s get straight to it. First up we have our head of compliance, the one and only Katie Flint.

Katie Flint The Loan Partnership

Katie Flint

  • Firstly can you let us know a little about you – how long have you been with TLP? How long have you worked in financial service? 

I have been with TLP since January 2015 and worked in financial services as a whole for nearly 25 years. 

Having previously been a mortgage adviser, a senior underwriter at a lender and having now worked in compliance for some time, I am grateful to have such a wealth of experience from all sides of the process, as I believe it helps with perspective when dealing with cases and I am often able to view a case from an adviser’s standpoint. 

  • What are the benefits to introducers to having an in-house compliance team?

I believe there are so many benefits such as being able to use greater expertise and specialised product knowledge to review the case, which can lead to much more tailored guidance and support for advisers. 

I also think it can ultimately give introducers enhanced confidence that their case will be handled by someone that understands the full merits of the application and the fastest ways to get it through the process, whilst also fully adhering to FCA guidelines. 

  • What key regulations should all Introducers be most aware of right now?

Obviously the biggest thing at the moment is the recent introduction of Consumer Duty and what that means for the introducers to ensure the client is treated fairly. Especially when it comes to identifying and supporting vulnerable customers to achieve fair outcomes. 

Should our broker friends have any questions on this, we are here to help give peace of mind that their cases via TLP are fully compliant and will be dealt with following the latest regulatory guidance. 

Emma Johnson The Loan Partnership

Emma Johnson​


Thanks Katie, next up we spoke to senior compliance officer Emma Johnson to get her take on current application hurdles and how to avoid them.

  • Before we jump into it, what brought you to TLP’s mighty compliance team?

I joined TLP in August 2019 as a compliance officer and then in June 2022 I completed the ICA International Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance and got promoted to senior compliance officer. 

I have actually worked in finance since 2013, starting in retail banking as a Personal Banker. 

  • What are the biggest hurdles that you are seeing with mortgage applications right now? 

I would say that it is the tightening of affordability calculations across the sector. Given the current economic upheaval, Consumer Duty regulations and the cost of living crisis, I think it is fully understandable that lenders are now stricter on affordability and stress testing, but I think it has created additional stress for both borrowers needing extra funds and for introducers trying to find a product that fits lenders’ stricter criteria. 

I think this is one of the ways the TLP team can add significant value as they have access to the latest lender updates and have extensive knowledge of which lender would or wouldn’t accept the client’s particular situation, which can save considerable time and heartache for the client. 

  • How can TLP help speed up the approval process for introducers? 

Quite simply by improving the quality and accuracy of applications through timely feedback. We work fast to support the application and get it through to completion as quickly as possible. 

Thanks Emma! 

Andy Childs The Loan Partnership

Andy Childs​


Lastly, we chatted to TLP’s compliance officer, Andy Childs. 

  • Andy, would you be able to tell us a little more about your experience in the sector and how long have you been with TLP? 

I started with TLP in May 2021 as a loan adviser, and moved to a role in compliance in April 2023. It has been fascinating to see the process from the other side.  

With over 20 years experience in financial services I have gained invaluable insights through various roles including – team management, account management, complaint handling, and process improvement. All of this helps me to support both introducers and the TLP team to deliver results for the clients. 

  • What is the key documentation when it comes to compliance?

Good question – each application will be unique and may require different documentation but I think the most important thing to keep in mind is – is the rationale for why the recommendation has been made clear and does the documentation answer any potential questions that may arise. 

Lenders generally just want to verify that the product is correct for the customer’s needs and if you can quickly and clearly cover this off with concise documentation, it makes the lender’s decision so much easier. 

Of course the nice thing about passing a case to TLP, is that we look after all of this for you.

  • What measures are in place to verify the accuracy and completeness of borrower information provided during the mortgage application process?

Our reputation has been built on trust and this is something that we are fiercely protective of, which is why we complete regular checks on each of our advisers on a monthly basis. 

This includes call monitoring to ensure information has been taken and recorded correctly, as well as full file reviews on cases to double check the accuracy and verify the most appropriate advice has been given. 

Our ultimate goal is to deliver full confidence that the client is in safe hands. 

Huge thank you to all three of you!

TLP is passionate about removing hurdles wherever possible and our compliance team forms a huge part of this. Should you have any questions on how we handle cases or our full due diligence process you can get in touch with Katie and the team at