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Meet the mortgage maestros, here to make your life easier

Are you trying to place your client’s application, feeling like you're lost in a maze of terms and options? Fear not, intrepid introducer! We've got your back.

In this quickfire Q&A session, we sit down with the unsung heroes of our funding realm – our mortgage and second charge packagers. These wizards behind the scenes work tirelessly to package and present your applications in the best possible light to our wide panel of lenders, making the process smoother than ever – not just for you, but for your clients as well.

Buckle up as we delve into the minds of these mortgage maestros, unravelling their top tips and speedy solutions for 2024.

First up…

The Loan Partnership Mortgage Packaging
Tom Lee Mortgage Packager

Tom Lee

Hello Tom, what is your top tip for introducers who are about to decide where to place their second charge cases?

“It sounds pretty simple, but just pick up the phone and have an easygoing chat with us.  You’ll find every member of the team is super experienced and keen to help – even where timescales are very tight.  We have a vast amount of experience and will always treat your clients with a professional approach and the right advice to ensure we improve their situation as much as possible.  Most importantly we will ensure that the cheapest available loan is arranged with minimal time and fuss and will always keep you updated on progress, tight deadlines and complex requirements don’t faze us.  We will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to…”
Charleigh Wooddeson The Loan Partnership

Charleigh Wooddeson

Next up - Charleigh, what causes the biggest delays/application hurdles do you experience when packaging? How do you overcome this?

“It can be that we don’t always have every last bit of info as quickly as we would like.  One of the time delays we can occasionally experience is waiting on lender updates. Many lenders have SLAs of around 48 hours at times. When a client is chasing an update, this can feel like a long delay, but having the available info as soon as possible (don’t worry we don’t need huge amounts of paperwork) alleviates any issues because we see a lot of offers first time around since we’re so in tune with our lender requirements.

Of course we do a lot of upfront due diligence to ensure we’re heading to the right lender. We are super experienced in spotting hurdles before they arise and continue to work closely with our lenders to keep up to date with their criteria inside and out, including what they will and won’t need. This means that when any updates come back from our lending partners, there should be no nasty surprises. This all leads to a quicker process for completion for both our clients and introducers.”

Leanne Milner The Loan Partnership

Leanne Milner

OK Leanne, here’s a key one - How fast can you typically complete a mortgage when packaging?

“We have completed secured loans in as little as 3 – 5 days, but the average turnaround is 2 weeks as we sometimes need to get consent from the first charge mortgage company and on rare occasions, we need a valuation. That being said, the whole team will do all we can to keep the timescale to a minimum and deliver a swift service.”
Steve Hancock The Loan Partnership

Steve Hancock

And finally, Steve, what lenders on the TLP panel do you think will be key players in 2024 when it comes to packaging and why?

“Truth be told, all lenders on our panel are key players in the market, offering leading rates and criteria. They are all trying to assist and make things easier for both us and the clients, which is incredibly helpful as the last thing that clients want to do is experience unnecessary delays or complete any unnecessary forms.

Like us, we find that all lenders want the process to be easy and quick, so any improvements which can be given would always be welcome. For us, it is all about working collaboratively on both sides of the process and matching the right lender to the client’s needs whilst working on new criteria and products which will grace the market’s presence in the future!”

Thanks to the team for those pearls of wisdom and for shedding a little light on how TLP can support your clients with comprehensive application packaging, not just for second charge mortgages but with a range of products including first charge buy to let mortgages.

Sound of interest? You can find the latest available rates in our product guide, or even check out our panel of lenders this way.

No matter what service you need, we aim to ensure that surprises are kept at bay, a speedy service is delivered and most importantly that your clients get the loan they need, while making life just a little easier for brokers and introducers.