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Credit bills can add up to more than you think and it can be easy to get overcommitted. That can put a strain on your monthly finances and leave you with financial pressure. If that sounds like you, then a consolidation loan from The Loan Partnership could be the ideal solution. We could arrange a loan to pay off your existing credit and reduce your monthly outgoings, sometimes by hundreds of pounds every month.

Consolidation loans can extend the length of time you repay your credit over, and we can help you consider whether this is the right solution for you. If you owe a lot of money on credit cards and are only paying the minimum payment each month, you may find it would take longer to pay off your credit card debt than it would your consolidation loan. And with a consolidation loan you do have a fixed term, so you know when the loan will finish.

Loans arranged by The Loan Partnership are secured against your property. This means that, unlike unsecured credit, if you don’t keep up the repayments on the loan your property could be at risk of repossession. When consolidating credit to reduce your monthly outgoings its worth considering it may take you longer to pay off your debt. You may want to check the Annual Percentage Rates of the credit you are consolidating because if they are lower than the new loan, you may be better off not consolidating them. Likewise, if any credit you consolidate has a small balance, you may pay back more over the longer term.

Applying is easy!

Applying is easy – simply give us a call right now on 01923 250 090 or click here to apply on-line. We will work hard to find the best deal we can for you from all the lenders we deal with.

You are under no obligation to proceed – we’d simply like the opportunity to show you how much better off we could make you each month.