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Phew, That’s One Less Thing For You To Worry About

Phew, That’s One Less Thing For You To Worry About

We get it. We get that the dreaded word Compliance may not be your favourite and it can feel like just another layer of complexity when it comes to placing a deal in an already complex market. What are the most recent regulatory changes? Do they apply to this particular case? Are you fully compliant? Can I just get this deal placed already?

Well, this is exactly why we’ve got you covered. No need to produce KFIs, IDDs or application forms and all the other boring documentation, all you have to do is refer the case to us – AND we do the rest and split the income right down the middle with you.

With every case with TLP, you get the full force of our in-house compliance team to help remove these barriers, to ensure your client avoids any unnecessary application delays and most importantly to give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting your deal over the line.

So to give you a quick peek into our compliance corner and to introduce the team that will be helping you fight the good fight, we caught up with Katie, Emma and Andy to get their latest take on the current compliance landscape and more on how they are supporting introducers and clients to reduce delays and simplify the application process.

Let’s get straight to it. First up we have our head of compliance, the one and only Katie Flint.

Katie Flint The Loan Partnership

Katie Flint

  • Firstly can you let us know a little about you – how long have you been with TLP? How long have you worked in financial service? 

I have been with TLP since January 2015 and worked in financial services as a whole for nearly 25 years. 

Having previously been a mortgage adviser, a senior underwriter at a lender and having now worked in compliance for some time, I am grateful to have such a wealth of experience from all sides of the process, as I believe it helps with perspective when dealing with cases and I am often able to view a case from an adviser’s standpoint. 

  • What are the benefits to introducers to having an in-house compliance team?

I believe there are so many benefits such as being able to use greater expertise and specialised product knowledge to review the case, which can lead to much more tailored guidance and support for advisers. 

I also think it can ultimately give introducers enhanced confidence that their case will be handled by someone that understands the full merits of the application and the fastest ways to get it through the process, whilst also fully adhering to FCA guidelines. 

  • What key regulations should all Introducers be most aware of right now?

Obviously the biggest thing at the moment is the recent introduction of Consumer Duty and what that means for the introducers to ensure the client is treated fairly. Especially when it comes to identifying and supporting vulnerable customers to achieve fair outcomes. 

Should our broker friends have any questions on this, we are here to help give peace of mind that their cases via TLP are fully compliant and will be dealt with following the latest regulatory guidance. 

Emma Johnson The Loan Partnership

Emma Johnson​


Thanks Katie, next up we spoke to senior compliance officer Emma Johnson to get her take on current application hurdles and how to avoid them.

  • Before we jump into it, what brought you to TLP’s mighty compliance team?

I joined TLP in August 2019 as a compliance officer and then in June 2022 I completed the ICA International Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance and got promoted to senior compliance officer. 

I have actually worked in finance since 2013, starting in retail banking as a Personal Banker. 

  • What are the biggest hurdles that you are seeing with mortgage applications right now? 

I would say that it is the tightening of affordability calculations across the sector. Given the current economic upheaval, Consumer Duty regulations and the cost of living crisis, I think it is fully understandable that lenders are now stricter on affordability and stress testing, but I think it has created additional stress for both borrowers needing extra funds and for introducers trying to find a product that fits lenders’ stricter criteria. 

I think this is one of the ways the TLP team can add significant value as they have access to the latest lender updates and have extensive knowledge of which lender would or wouldn’t accept the client’s particular situation, which can save considerable time and heartache for the client. 

  • How can TLP help speed up the approval process for introducers? 

Quite simply by improving the quality and accuracy of applications through timely feedback. We work fast to support the application and get it through to completion as quickly as possible. 

Thanks Emma! 

Andy Childs The Loan Partnership

Andy Childs​


Lastly, we chatted to TLP’s compliance officer, Andy Childs. 

  • Andy, would you be able to tell us a little more about your experience in the sector and how long have you been with TLP? 

I started with TLP in May 2021 as a loan adviser, and moved to a role in compliance in April 2023. It has been fascinating to see the process from the other side.  

With over 20 years experience in financial services I have gained invaluable insights through various roles including – team management, account management, complaint handling, and process improvement. All of this helps me to support both introducers and the TLP team to deliver results for the clients. 

  • What is the key documentation when it comes to compliance?

Good question – each application will be unique and may require different documentation but I think the most important thing to keep in mind is – is the rationale for why the recommendation has been made clear and does the documentation answer any potential questions that may arise. 

Lenders generally just want to verify that the product is correct for the customer’s needs and if you can quickly and clearly cover this off with concise documentation, it makes the lender’s decision so much easier. 

Of course the nice thing about passing a case to TLP, is that we look after all of this for you.

  • What measures are in place to verify the accuracy and completeness of borrower information provided during the mortgage application process?

Our reputation has been built on trust and this is something that we are fiercely protective of, which is why we complete regular checks on each of our advisers on a monthly basis. 

This includes call monitoring to ensure information has been taken and recorded correctly, as well as full file reviews on cases to double check the accuracy and verify the most appropriate advice has been given. 

Our ultimate goal is to deliver full confidence that the client is in safe hands. 

Huge thank you to all three of you!

TLP is passionate about removing hurdles wherever possible and our compliance team forms a huge part of this. Should you have any questions on how we handle cases or our full due diligence process you can get in touch with Katie and the team at
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The Loan Partnership Hits Double Digits!

The Loan Partnership Hits Double Digits!

Can you believe it? The Loan Partnership is turning 10!

How time flies! And to celebrate a decade of rocking the second charge mortgage sector, we’re giving an extra birthday treat to one of our lucky introducers!

But more on that later, let’s rewind a bit.

Ten years ago, Director John Webb had a vision: to shake up the second charge mortgage game to support fellow advisors and financial professionals to overcome unnecessary hurdles to funding. And thus, The Loan Partnership was born! 🙌

The Loan Partnership Birthday Cake

Since then, we’ve been supporting hundreds of brokers, introducers and clients across the UK to get the secured funding they needed. The team has grown. The office has grown and the network of amazing introducers that we get to work with on a daily basis has grown. And we couldn’t be more grateful.

It has been a rollercoaster of a decade with all of the economic and regulatory changes that we have all had to weather but as ever the financial aficionados and amazing people that make up the financial services sector are resilient, professional to boot and rise to any challenge.

Now let's talk about the comp, shall we?

To spread the birthday love, all you have to do is enter your details here 👇. Then you will be in with a chance of winning a £100 Amazon voucher. That’s it!


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The comp will close at 5pm 23 April and the winner will be announced on 24 April – our birthday 🎂

It goes without saying, what really makes The Loan Partnership’s anniversary worth celebrating is the incredible team that we have and their unwavering commitment to delivering real results. So, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a quick nostalgic look back at a few of the faces over the years.

Play Video about The Loan Partnership 10 years of TLP

With our first decade under our belts, we’re now looking forward to the next 10 years and we’re ready to take on whatever challenges come our way and continue spreading joy, one mortgage at a time.


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Why Go West in 2024

Lender Legends · Why Go West In 2024

Being thoroughly lovely and with over two decades in the financial sector, West One Loans’ Managing Director for Residential Mortgages and Second Charge Mortgages, Marie Grundy, was the easy choice when picking an industry leader to get insider insights into the current second charge landscape.

Ever happy to offer her expertise and support, Marie has worked closely with the TLP team for several years now and is a firm favourite for helping with our more complex second charge cases

Now in her 8th year with the specialist lender, we thought it was the perfect time to pick her brains on all things second charge and how West One could be the lender to help your clients in 2024.

West One Loans Marie Grundy

“Take the time to enjoy the little things, as one day you might look back and realise they were the big things.” ― Robert Brault

A very warm welcome Marie, we’ve got just 6 quick questions for you, so let’s get started…

  • Focusing on the second charge sector, what trends do you foresee in 2024?

Already there are very early signs that 2024 is going to be a very strong year for the second charge market.  There’s a culmination of reasons for this. 

Firstly according to UK Finance, there was £219bn of product transfers in 2023, up 11% compared to the previous year and for context was almost as big as all remortgage and purchase activity combined.  Product transfers are effective where it is a like for like remortgage, but if borrowers need to raise capital during the fixed rate term, a second charge mortgage is becoming an increasingly popular option for borrowers, which allows them to raise capital without disturbing their existing mortgage arrangements. 

Secondly, there is still a huge misconception that second charges are only for borrowers with more complex circumstances.  The vast majority of our borrowers have high street mortgages with good to excellent credit scores.  They may still be benefiting from preferential mortgage rates, or want to protect an interest only mortgage, which is why second charges are often the most appropriate product choice for borrowers with additional borrowing needs.  

Thirdly, in 2023 ONS reported that 1.4m households faced increased mortgage costs and there are a further expected 2.4m mortgage deals coming to an end in 2024.  For these households the impact of increased mortgage payments combined with an increased cost of living means that a number of homeowners are looking for ways to offset mortgage payment shocks by reducing their outgoings.  Debt Consolidation is one way of achieving this provided that the advice is appropriate and customers fully understand the pros and cons of converting unsecured debt into a mortgage.  In the right circumstances, this can be an appropriate solution and debts are generally discharged directly from the second charge mortgage proceeds which allows lenders to exclude these debts from affordability assessments. 

  • Why do you think second charges can be so beneficial for some borrowers, compared to other forms of finance.

Second Charges do generally offer a greater degree of flexibility, whether that is speed, loan size or loan purpose.
Unlike a remortgage there isn’t any conveyancing required which means that the process of completing a second charge can be far quicker than a remortgage. There is sometimes also the opportunity to use desktop valuations which can really have a positive impact on application turnaround times which is particularly helpful where speed is of the essence.

If you have borrowers in need of a larger loan, second charge lenders offer mortgages up to around £1m, this is helpful for higher net worth borrowers who are looking to raise sizeable loans which might be for example to purchase a second home, investment property or to complete a high end home improvement project.

The Loan Partnership business partners
  • How does West One strive to remove hurdles for both introducers and borrowers in the application process?

We work closely with a limited number of distribution partners, including The Loan Partnership,  who are really experienced in advising and arranging second charges offering market expertise to ensure the client is placed with the most appropriate lender based on their needs and circumstances.  This really helps to improve the customer journey, as the firms we work with understand our processes and underwriting requirements which really helps to speed up the offer process.

The Loan Partnership specialise in working with mortgage intermediary firms so they really  understand the value and importance of the client/broker relationship.

We constantly review our processes, criteria and products to make sure that the customer journey is as streamlined as possible but one of the most powerful services we offer is the ability to refer cases which fall outside of our published criteria.  

This enables us to fully consider the client’s full circumstances, and look at each case individually to establish if we can find an appropriate lending solution.  This is sometimes a lifeline for borrowers with more complex borrowing needs.


The Loan Partnership Introducer Support
  • What challenges do you currently observe in most second charge applications that introducers should be aware of?

Quite often we see a disconnect between a borrower’s perception of what their property is worth and the valuation figure arrived at by a qualified surveyor. This has been heightened over recent months, where there has been a cooling off in the housing market, which has fed into property valuations.

So my advice would be to be realistic around property values, carrying out some additional research can be invaluable in ensuring that customers expectations can be managed accordingly.


  • Why, in your opinion, should clients consider West One in 2024, and what sets you apart from other lenders?

At West One we really strive to offer a second charge proposition with a broad reach to meet the needs of a wider group of borrowers.  We are always trying to bring innovative products and solutions to the market, as an example of this we were the first lender to introduce green second charge mortgages , introduced criteria to support bank of mum and dad transactions and developed an Interest Only product targeting higher earning borrowers looking to borrow loans of £100,000 and above.  

We don’t rely on credit scoring, which means we can apply an individual approach to the assessment of second charge applications which offers significant benefits for borrowers. 

Our criteria also serves the self employed community well, where we can consider self employed borrowers with a minimum of 1 year’s trading and rely on SA302s as income proof backed by underwriting expertise which can be invaluable in arriving at the right solutions for self employed customers. 

We don’t want to stop here though, we will keep looking at ways to evolve our product range to meet the needs of our customers. 

  • Can you share any existing or upcoming initiatives that you think introducers should be aware of in 2024?

We are heavily focusing on creating more streamlined processes to create a more efficient customer journey which we are working on behind the scenes as we speak. 

In addition to this we have some ideas around the further development of our residential and buy to let second charge ranges, so watch this space!


The Loan Partnership mortgage packaging for brokers
  • Thanks Marie, enough about business, we would like to know what Marie gets up to when she’s not working at West One and wowing clients

I am a big Leeds United fan, and try to get to as many games as possible with my son as well as  often exchanging emails with Rob from The Loan Partnership (a fellow Leeds fan)  on the highs and lows of our performance. 

I have also recently moved into a more rural location and inherited a family of owls, which has developed into a real interest in birds and  the surrounding wildlife.  I never thought I would have been so excited to receive a pair of binoculars for Christmas!!

Thanks so much for your time and thoughts Marie, your wealth of knowledge and enjoyable conversations have made West One a key collaborator for us over the past few years and we look forward to seeing how the second charge sector further adapts over the next year. 

To discuss if West One is the right fit for your current cases, you can chat with one of the team by calling or getting in touch right here

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Meet the mortgage maestros

Meet the mortgage maestros, here to make your life easier

Are you trying to place your client’s application, feeling like you're lost in a maze of terms and options? Fear not, intrepid introducer! We've got your back.

In this quickfire Q&A session, we sit down with the unsung heroes of our funding realm – our mortgage and second charge packagers. These wizards behind the scenes work tirelessly to package and present your applications in the best possible light to our wide panel of lenders, making the process smoother than ever – not just for you, but for your clients as well.

Buckle up as we delve into the minds of these mortgage maestros, unravelling their top tips and speedy solutions for 2024.

First up…

The Loan Partnership Mortgage Packaging
Tom Lee Mortgage Packager

Tom Lee

Hello Tom, what is your top tip for introducers who are about to decide where to place their second charge cases?

“It sounds pretty simple, but just pick up the phone and have an easygoing chat with us.  You’ll find every member of the team is super experienced and keen to help – even where timescales are very tight.  We have a vast amount of experience and will always treat your clients with a professional approach and the right advice to ensure we improve their situation as much as possible.  Most importantly we will ensure that the cheapest available loan is arranged with minimal time and fuss and will always keep you updated on progress, tight deadlines and complex requirements don’t faze us.  We will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to…”
Charleigh Wooddeson The Loan Partnership

Charleigh Wooddeson

Next up - Charleigh, what causes the biggest delays/application hurdles do you experience when packaging? How do you overcome this?

“It can be that we don’t always have every last bit of info as quickly as we would like.  One of the time delays we can occasionally experience is waiting on lender updates. Many lenders have SLAs of around 48 hours at times. When a client is chasing an update, this can feel like a long delay, but having the available info as soon as possible (don’t worry we don’t need huge amounts of paperwork) alleviates any issues because we see a lot of offers first time around since we’re so in tune with our lender requirements.

Of course we do a lot of upfront due diligence to ensure we’re heading to the right lender. We are super experienced in spotting hurdles before they arise and continue to work closely with our lenders to keep up to date with their criteria inside and out, including what they will and won’t need. This means that when any updates come back from our lending partners, there should be no nasty surprises. This all leads to a quicker process for completion for both our clients and introducers.”

Leanne Milner The Loan Partnership

Leanne Milner

OK Leanne, here’s a key one - How fast can you typically complete a mortgage when packaging?

“We have completed secured loans in as little as 3 – 5 days, but the average turnaround is 2 weeks as we sometimes need to get consent from the first charge mortgage company and on rare occasions, we need a valuation. That being said, the whole team will do all we can to keep the timescale to a minimum and deliver a swift service.”
Steve Hancock The Loan Partnership

Steve Hancock

And finally, Steve, what lenders on the TLP panel do you think will be key players in 2024 when it comes to packaging and why?

“Truth be told, all lenders on our panel are key players in the market, offering leading rates and criteria. They are all trying to assist and make things easier for both us and the clients, which is incredibly helpful as the last thing that clients want to do is experience unnecessary delays or complete any unnecessary forms.

Like us, we find that all lenders want the process to be easy and quick, so any improvements which can be given would always be welcome. For us, it is all about working collaboratively on both sides of the process and matching the right lender to the client’s needs whilst working on new criteria and products which will grace the market’s presence in the future!”

Thanks to the team for those pearls of wisdom and for shedding a little light on how TLP can support your clients with comprehensive application packaging, not just for second charge mortgages but with a range of products including first charge buy to let mortgages.

Sound of interest? You can find the latest available rates in our product guide, or even check out our panel of lenders this way.

No matter what service you need, we aim to ensure that surprises are kept at bay, a speedy service is delivered and most importantly that your clients get the loan they need, while making life just a little easier for brokers and introducers.

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Hello from Joe: The Right Time for a Second Charge

Hello from Joe: The Right Time for a Second Charge

Hello - it’s me again.

I just wanted to catch up with you now that we have finally bid farewell to 2023 and welcomed 2024 with a big HUZZAH!

January is always a mixed bag of emotions – everyone is grateful that we have reached the start of a fresh new year full of opportunities, but we are also staring down the barrel of more dark nights, winter weathers and, of course, the dreaded credit card bill after the Christmas chaos.

That being said, I am (very) pleased to share that the market is finally looking to be stabilising, competitive rates are coming in thick and fast and vast swathes of people are now looking to get their personal finances in order and will be considering their options.

One such avenue that could be a game-changer for your clients in 2024 is a second charge mortgage for debt consolidation.

Now, we know we don’t need to convince you of all the (many) benefits of a second charge (large loan sizes, options for those with poor credit, spreading the repayments over a longer term to improve affordability etc.) but there are a few things that you might not realise, that we think are useful to know.

Joe Defries The Loan Partnership

Favourable Interest rates:

With so many lenders now cutting rates, there has never been a more opportune time for your clients to consider a second charge. With not one, but several sub 7% deals currently available, with schemes starting from 6.59%, there is an abundance of options to suit all needs, budgets and requirements.

If your client has a poor credit history or is currently feeling the impact of their festive commitments, now could be the right time to take control and consolidate multiple debts into one more healthy repayment.

Better yet, we are working with our lender panel on a daily basis to ensure your clients get the very latest offers, so always give us a quick call to find out the most up-to-date deals on the market.

We sadly don’t have a crystal ball (wouldn’t that be nice):

None of us can know what interest rates will do this year, so we strongly recommend to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and explore whether a second charge could be the answer your client needs.

If it is, we’re here to help make sure they get the right deal, at the right price to ensure they start 2024 on the right foot.

House prices:

Talking of crystal ball predictions, there’s also the matter of house prices. With the current uncertainty on how the housing market will react this year, it may be prudent for your clients to consider a second charge sooner rather than later to maximise their built up equity in their property and the opportunity to access additional funds through a second charge mortgage.

Most importantly, no matter when or why your client may be considering a second charge mortgage, the TLP team can help alleviate the mental, emotional and financial stress associated with managing various debts. We can help them focus on a singular financial commitment in 2024 and work towards a debt-free future.

Now all that is left for me to say is that I, for one, am very excited for all that the next 12 months has in store for us all.

We have big plans for 2024 and we hope you do too.

So bring it on!

Joe Defries Signature

P.s. we need to ask a quick favour…we’ve been nominated for ‘Best Second Charge Broker’ in this year’s Mortgage Strategy Awards and if you could spare 30 seconds to cast your vote, right here, we would really appreciate it.

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10 reasons to register as a TLP introducer

10 reasons to register as a TLP introducer

It sucks to have built a wonderful relationship with a client only to realise that they are locked into a mortgage with fairly hefty ERCs but need additional finance that you are not sure how to place or help them with.

So, what do you do?

Sure, you could try to source some suitable options yourself. But it may be outside your area of expertise and would mean a whole bunch more work for you – calling the lenders, checking criteria, generating quotes. 

The Loan Partnership second charge introducer

Or, you could let them know that you sadly are not able to help them on this occasion, but this risks them finding another broker and you just lost the relationship that you have worked so hard to create. 

Well, there’s another way.

 By registering as a TLP introducer, we can help you help your clients with a wide range of second charge, bridging and packaging deals.

We do the work. You get paid and get to keep the client.

All you have to do to get started is register as a TLP introducer. 

If that alone doesn’t have you convinced, here’s 10 more reasons to get registered:

  1.  TLP can help with not only your second charge enquiries, we can also advise on bridging finance, development finance and buy to let packaging.
  2. Service, service, service – we’re confident that if you ask any of our clients, they will say the quality of our service is what sets us apart from other brokers. We strive to do all we can not only for your clients, but for you.
  3. You can get a 50/50 split on all of the deals that you refer to us. So we do the work, but you still earn.
  4. You’ll get the support from our 30 strong team of CeMAP qualified professionals.
  5. You’ll be kept up to date throughout the whole process, so you can ensure your clients get what they need, when they need it.
  6. We’re whole of market, so your clients will get access to a huge number of lenders and deals. We even have options that are 6x income and above.
  7. If your client has adverse credit or only one year of self employed accounts, no problem – we have the expertise to help them find suitable finance options.
  8. You’ll get access to the TLP training on how to spot new opportunities and increase your conversions and income further.
  9. Webbynars (yep we spelt that correctly). As a TLP introducer you will be invited to the legendary John Webb Zoom Webbynars that discuss the latest market updates and things you really should know to succeed in the second charge market.
  10. It’s fast and free! Yes – it is totally free to register as a TLP introducer and there is no obligation. It takes just a few minutes to do and being registered will make it easier and quicker when you do have a case that you need placing fast.

Hopefully that has helped you see all the benefits of getting registered and how we may be able to help you retain clients and earn more. Enter your details below to get started, it really is that simple.

Register as a TLP Introducer

If you have any questions at all you can also talk to us at 01923 250090 .

Company Address

Your Agreement

By submitting my registration application I agree to be added to The Loan Partnership’s database. I understand you will check my suitability as an introducer of business and that I have FCA authorisation.

Click here to see our Privacy & Cookie Policy.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Hello From Joe – What’s Happening

Hello From Joe - What's Happening

There’s so much to tell you, where to begin? 

Well first, hello. Many of you might be thinking ‘I know this chap already’, but just in case – I’m Joe, MD of The Loan Partnership. I happily jumped ship to the business in 2016 following a challenging decade in the sector and didn’t hesitate at the chance when I was proudly asked to take on the leadership role in 2022.  Since that date I would describe the business as both challenging and exciting…in many ways.

That’s quite enough about me though, here’s what we’re seeing in the industry.

Of late, we’ve noticed a sizeable influx in debt consolidation introductions.  To us, it’s bread and butter and we are 100% pleased to help here. Understandably, given the economic uncertainty and cost of living crisis over the last few years, many more people are needing support and advice when it comes to reducing their monthly outgoings.
Joe Defries The Loan Partnership

October and November are traditionally busy months for us, however the market has been near impossible to predict this year.  The Bank of England holding the base rate last week, after also holding it in September following 14 consecutive rises, has helped promote more confidence from borrowers and lenders alike and wash away the volatility we had seen for much of 2023.

A number of our key lending partners reduced their rates at the start of October whilst others refined their products to reflect the changes they have seen in the market of late.

Now is therefore the best time so far this year to investigate the market as residential affordability has hit many quite hard and there are definite occasions where we can deliver more in terms of loan size at competitive rates.  On the other side of the coin, quite often, clients want to preserve their low rate first charge with their existing lender and avoid ERCs. So, a second charge is the perfect fit for many right now.

The Loan Partnership detached house

Since the outset of 2023, pure debt consolidation loans have accounted for 40% of the second charges completed by TLP and 38% of the total gross loan amount lent for our clients and their brokers. Compared to last year where pure debt consolidation accounted for 35% of the second charges completed by TLP and 34% of total gross loan amount lent.

Ok, there are a fair chunk of other reasons why we turn to our lenders.  In response not only have we grown the team to ensure our service levels remain high, we have also streamlined our internal processes to ensure we can deliver results quicker and easier. With closing in on 10 top-notch second charge brokers, who all know their equitable charges from their deeds of postponements, we’re able to support more clients and introducers with any number of reasons and requirements to lend, often where the first charge market has failed or even felt defunct.  We’ve even recently been able to go from enquiry to completion in less than three days.

If your clients are in need of a little support, we’re here, we’re ready. And don’t forget that we split earnings straight down the middle.  So even one case every couple of months can very much help you to help your clients.

We’re finally seeing lenders stabilise their rates – HURRAY!   After months of hikes and uncertainty, we are now seeing rate stability, starting from 7.208% for a second charge and 0.48% for bridging finance. We also have some industry exclusives that we can give you access to, just give us a call to find out the latest deals we have.

At TLP we have access to a wide range of lenders including West One Loans, United Trust Bank and Selina Finance. This year we have also welcomed major players in the specialist market, Octane Capital and Octopus Real Estate to our cohort. Two specialist lenders that we are looking forward to increasing volumes and strengthening our relationships with.

That’s the market, here’s some of the good stuff happening at TLP HQ

Over recent months we have been focusing on streamlining and perfecting our processes internally at TLP.  One such initiative has been to implement a new two tier approach to our process which was quite a culture shift for us.  It has allowed our advisors and customer account managers the time to focus their attention on their specific field of expertise and meant a marked reduction in the time it takes from initial enquiry to completion, in other words everyone is playing the game that they are best at within the business.  Developing, evolving and improving is a big part of what TLP is all about.


We have been working closely with a number of introducers and lenders in the industry exchanging ideas and developing strategies for best practice and looking at ways to increase market share. For me, this is one of the best things that has come out of this challenging year, lenders and brokers working together to provide a bigger and better market for all.

Meet The Team The Loan Partnership

As we are sure you will have noticed, things are looking a little different. After a few months of hard work, we’re so proud to finally unveil TLP’s new look and shiny new website.

Everything in our business is designed to support our borrowers, introducers and brokers, so it was time for ‘out with the old’ boring website and ‘in with this colourful new one’, which I hope delivers more of the information you need to help you help keep your clients happy.

We love it and we hope you do too.

Talking of the team, we’re thrilled to have welcomed several new faces over the last year including advisor Wahid and packager Brooke who joined us just last month.Check out the rest of our hard-hitting team here:  

That’s all the latest from us and I think covers all the important bits. If you have any questions or need any support on a particular case, talk to the TLP team or feel free to give me a shout.

Joe Defries Signature