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£183k Land Purchase For Business

£183k Land Purchase For Business

May 2024

The situationLooking to purchase a portion of land to expand their growing business, the clients were looking for additional funds to support a potential ground-up venture. 

There were several complexities with this particular case as the clients’ current mortgage rate was a tasty 1.59%, which clearly they didn’t want to lose, yet they were unable to consider a Further Advance as many mortgage providers would not accept their loan purpose: business use. 

Despite their current advisers hands being somewhat tied here, wishing to support the clients’ goals, they referred the clients to TLP to ascertain if a second charge mortgage might be the right solution for the business. Experienced advisor Charlie was up for the challenge and quickly set out to find a suitable solution here.

Charlie Solomons The Loan Partnership

Our solutionCharlie started out with a quick chat with the clients. This allowed him to ask a few questions and fully understand the situation as well as discuss the ongoing plans for the business. 

From this, it was clear that not only securing the required funding would be important but the clients would need a clear exit strategy to ensure that the project maximised the clients’ investment long term. 

It was clear that a £183k second charge mortgage would provide the finance needed and would give the client the terms they required. With a LTV of 78%, Charlie contacted suitable lending partners that he knew would consider this case, and through his clear communication and the documentation provided to highlight all of the merits of the application, he was able to secure a very competitive deal on a 30 year term with Selina Finance. 

Keeping the client’s overall goals in mind, Charlie ensured that the clients have two routes of clearing the loan – via a remortgage in 2025 when the fixed rate ends or refinancing the new property once built. 

The clients were successfully able to purchase the land that they need and are now proceeding with the development. The mortgage introducer was also thrilled with the service and support that Charlie and the team were able to provide. 

The result Ultimately the clients were very happy at not having to pass on an important opportunity to realise a healthy margin on the build. The introducer was also happy to have not missed out on the opportunity to earn with this particular case by referring it to TLP. As with all referrals, the introducer received a 50/50 split of the commission.

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TLP Case Studies

Full Debt Consolidation in 12 Days

Full Debt Consolidation in 12 Days

May 2024

The situation – Due to the sizeable level of debt and affordability constraints, this particular case was referred to the TLP team by the clients’ existing mortgage broker to see if we could help their clients to consolidate all existing debts, into a much more manageable monthly outgoing. 

As you might have expected, the mortgage adviser had already exhausted the option of a further advance which would have been lighter on fees and rate, however, affordability would not release sufficient funds to allow a full consolidation, therefore failing to allow any further monies to be released and extinguishing the only advisable option the clients’ existing broker had at their disposal, aside from referring the case to a second charge specialist of course!  

ENTER TLP – Hugely experienced in debt consolidation of this nature, TLP advisor Simon was able to offer his expertise to explore how we could find the right solution for the client.

The Loan Partnership Simon Walsh

Our solutionIn order to ensure we offer the right advice in every case, Simon started with a quick call with the clients. From this initial discussion, it was clear that a second charge mortgage was the right course of action but it also allowed him to better understand the clients’ future goals and the opportunity. 

The clients were hoping to wrap their current mortgage into their consolidation loan in 5 years time, so it was vital that Simon find a solution that was on a 5-year fixed term to allow the clients to refinance without ERCs impacting at that future remortgage point.

Adding to the complexities, the loan required would have a high LTV, thus limiting the lenders that might consider this application. Still determined to deliver, Simon quickly used all of his established lender contacts to identify Pepper Money as the ideal lending partner and through his proactive communication was able to secure the clients a competitive deal for the full £94,000 on a 5-year fixed rate with a 23 year term, keeping payments palatable. 

Not only did this smart solution offer the clients a monthly reduction in outgoings of £1,286.35 but Simon and the TLP team were able to complete the deal in literally just 12 days from start to finish.

The feedbackMost importantly, the clients are now in a much more comfortable financial position with an ongoing strategy to achieve their overall financial goals.  Equally the introducer was thrilled with the service they and their clients received (not to mention the additional commission that they were able to earn as they received a 50/50 split of the commission) and they continue to work in partnership with the TLP team where they can step in and save the day.

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TLP Case Studies

Speedy Packaging for Debt Consolidation

Speedy Packaging for Debt Consolidation​

January 2024

The situationAlready facing the challenge of meeting their monthly payments on an unsecured loan, when the client’s car needed costly repairs, they decided that they needed expert financial advice and reached out to their existing mortgage advisor to discuss potential options for a £27,000 loan.

Quickly recognising that the client would hugely benefit from a speedy second charge mortgage to consolidate their existing debts and cover their immediate car repair costs, the broker approached TLP to help with the application and packager Charleigh stepped up to offer their help.

The Loan Partnership Packaging Second Charge Mortgage
Charleigh Wooddeson The Loan Partnership

Our solutionAfter initially assessing and underwriting the case to fully understand the client’s situation and financial background, Charleigh identified Tandem Home Loans as a suitable choice for this particular deal. 

Known for their common sense approach to lending and their dedication to work with brokers to get the offer issued as hassle-free as possible made Tandem the ideal fit for this client. 

By using her in-depth criteria knowledge, Charleigh was able to get the client’s answers to all of Tandem’s requirements prior to submitting the case, making the lender’s decision even easier. Because of this, Tandem were able to come back with an application update on the same day as submission. 

Tandem is also one of the few lenders that will call and go through updates, which is hugely beneficial for getting the application processed as quickly as possible.

After managing all the paperwork and requirements for the case, Charleigh was able to help secure a very comprehensive loan that would provide the client with a monthly reduction of £357.75, as well as provide the funds to get their car back on the road.

Through Charleigh’s dedication to the client and extensive lender knowledge, the whole process from application to completion took just 5 working days.

The client’s feedbackUnderstandably, both the client and the introducer were thrilled with the speedy results and the client is now in a much more comfortable financial position for 2024.

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TLP Case Studies

Fast Refurbishment Loan in 10 Days​

Fast Refurbishment Loan in 10 Days​

Summer 2023

The situation – During a home renovation project to install a brand new kitchen as well as undertake light refurbishment work throughout the property, our Northern Ireland based clients found themselves in urgent need of a secured loan to fund unforeseen building costs and additional labour fees. With tradesmen already in place to carry out the work, the project would be lost if a funding facility couldn’t be secured and fast.

Needing a loan in the region of £25k, the clients were referred to The Loan Partnership from an established lender relationship and we offered to help the clients. 

Kitchen renovation loan from The Loan Partnership

Our solution – Understanding the need for speed, we set out to quickly establish the full situation from the clients with an initial phone call. Having taken the time to understand the full merits of the case and all of the different aspects, we used our advanced criteria knowledge to approach our established lender contacts that would consider the case and more importantly deliver within the timescales.  

Due to their quality of service as well as their application and underwriting speed, we identified Tandem as a suitable lender.  

Supporting the application at each stage from enquiry through to completion and keeping both the clients and introducer up to date throughout, we were impressively able to secure the clients the £25k loan they needed in just 10 days. 

Due to the team’s hard work and dedication, the clients were able to complete the renovation project and the introducer received a referral fee for recommending the case to us. 

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TLP Case Studies

£800k Chain Break Bridging Finance​

Fast £800k Chain Break Bridging Finance

Summer 2023

The situation – Not wanting to miss out on their dream residential home, but struggling to sell their existing property, the clients contacted their existing mortgage broker to find out more what options were available. 

Despite being a beautiful large detached 4-bedroom family home in a sought after area of Solihull, the clients were experiencing difficulties selling their property and so their mortgage broker advised that a short term £800k bridging loan could enable them to undertake some needed renovation to the current property to help the sale, as well as help them secure the purchase of their new property. 

Additionally one of the clients had a unique employment position, working as a captain on a ship, so there were a multitude of complexities to consider. Needing specialist bridging advice and a broker with experience of dealing with complex income requirements, the residential mortgage broker referred the clients to TLP, and bridging advisor Russ offered his expertise. 

The Loan Partnership case study of chain break loan for residential home
Russ Davies The Loan Partnership

Our solution – After an initial call with the clients to fully understand their situation and requirements, Russ approached his established bridging lender contacts to source the most competitive rate for a bridging loan with minimal fees and speed of service. 

Using his in-depth criteria knowledge and our advanced sourcing software, Russ quickly identified that Greenfield Mortgages were the right bridging lender and started the application process. Given Russ’s pre-submission due diligence and the strength of his communication, Greenfield Mortgages quickly agreed to a competitive deal and the application was processed without unnecessary hurdles for our clients.

Thanks to his dedication and expertise, we’re happy to say the clients were able to secure the funding they needed to secure the dream home and undertake the renovation work to help sell their current property. Also to say thank you to the introducer for trusting TLP’s reputation to deliver, they received a healthy referral fee and we hope to continue to support them on future cases. 

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TLP Case Studies

£115k debt consolidation with historic credit issues

£115k debt consolidation with historic credit issues

July 2023

The situation – Looking to raise capital and consolidate their substantial debt, our Hertfordshire based clients were referred to The Loan Partnership to discuss options for a competitive second charge mortgage

The clients were looking to not only consolidate their monthly outgoings into a more affordable solution, but also needed additional capital to purchase a car and undertake some home improvements, therefore a £115,000 second charge loan was needed.

Adding additional complexities to the case, although the application was in joint names, one of the applicants was employed as a day rate contractor through an umbrella company and had some historic adverse credit. Because of this, the clients were referred to The Loan Partnership due to our reputation of dealing with such cases and experienced advisor Nicola was the broker for the task. 

The Loan Partnership Hertfordshire property
Nicola Hughff The Loan Partnership

Our solution – Working alongside the introducer to support the clients, Nicola started with an initial phone call with the clients in order to ascertain all of their requirements and needs. 

With access to a comprehensive lending panel and in-depth criteria knowledge, Nicola was quickly able to identify a product that would allow the clients to consolidate their debts into a single more affordable monthly payment as well as provide the funding required for the car purchase and renovation. 

Ensuring the introducer and clients were kept up to date throughout the process, Nicola were able to quickly secure a competitive rate with favourable terms with United Trust Bank. The clients were thrilled with the results and they are now in a much better financial position.

What the clients said:

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“Every so often you come across an individual that shines above all others and Nicola Hughff personable manner and professionalism is one that is rarely seen. A huge credit to The Loan Company. AAA*”

05 July 2023​

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