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Fast £300k auction purchase finance

Fast £300k auction purchase finance

September 2023

The situation – Having spotted a lucrative investment opportunity at auction, the Hertfordshire based buy to let clients needed to quickly obtain additional finance of £300k to help secure their successful bid.

Due to the tight 28-day auction house deadline, on top of delays arising from issues identified on the valuation report for the 3 bedroom semi-detached property, the clients were facing increasing pressures. With a £60k initial deposit at risk, the investors understandably sought expert advice to help combat their challenges.

Looking to secure bridging finance through their limited company, the clients approached The Loan Partnership team with only a 2 week deadline for the completion.

The Loan Partnership Hertfordshire Property
Sarah Gaffney The Loan Partnership

Our solution – With an extensive background in bridging finance, Sarah stepped up to the challenge. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Sarah had an initial call with the clients to understand their full portfolio background and requirements. Working fast and utilising her industry knowledge she was quickly able to identify Together Commercial Finance as a lender that would be able to provide the client the funding they needed within the short deadline.

Ever striving to support TLP clients, Sarah contacted all relevant parties within the application process, including the clients’ solicitors, to ensure the tight timescales were adhered to and any unnecessary delays were avoided.

The clients were able to provide all required documentation within just a few days and to save further issues, Sarah was able to instruct an online valuation for the property, avoiding further delays in obtaining the valuation report.

Thanks to Sarah, Russ and the team’s speed of service and additional due diligence, the completion of the loan was able to take place within the 2 week deadline and the clients were able to secure the auction property with a competitive short term bridging loan.

The clients’ feedback – Having saved the clients from potentially losing their substantial deposit and securing them affordable finance to complete the purchase, the clients were incredibly pleased with both the outcome and Russ’s service.

Now loyal clients of The Loan Partnership, the landlords are now further expanding their portfolio and have already tasked the team with securing the finance for their next purchase.

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Case Studies

Debt Consolidation Reduction Of Over £1800 A Month

Debt Consolidation Reduction of Over £1800 a Month

Summer 2023

The situation – Given the cost of living crisis and having accrued a significant amount of debt from property renovation over the last five years, the clients’ finances were starting to get into an uncomfortable situation. Wanting to reduce the pressure, the clients started to look for affordable debt consolidation options.

Based in Devon, the clients discovered The Loan Partnership online and got in touch to discuss the latest second charge mortgage rates and find out how much they may be eligible to borrow. Senior advisor Emma stepped in to offer her expertise. 

The Loan Partnership debt consolidation case study
Emma Rowley The Loan Partnership

Our solution – Taking the time to fully understand the clients’ needs, Emma started with a quick phone call with the clients. This allowed her to quickly get to grips with not only their immediate financial requirements but also their ongoing financial situation to ensure she provided the right long term solution. 

By understanding their current monthly outgoings and their existing mortgage details, Emma suggested that the clients would be able to secure a £145k second charge mortgage to consolidate their debt into a single monthly payment, while also creating a monthly reduction of £1812. This would obviously massively reduce the financial pressures that the clients were facing.

On top of this, knowing the clients’ ongoing situation and that the couple were expecting salary increases when their existing mortgage is due for renewal in three years, Emma recommended a product that would allow them to remortgage at that point and tie the secured loan into with their existing mortgage and further reduce their outgoings long term. 

Having done this due diligence and using her advanced market knowledge within the second charge sector, Emma was able to secure an affordable second charge mortgage for the clients with West One Loans, with a term to match their existing mortgage to make the payments as cost effective as possible. 

Understandably the clients were thrilled with the results and they are now enjoying a much more comfortable financial situation with a long term strategy to keep their finances in check. 

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Case Studies

Fast Refurbishment Finance in 10 Days

Fast Refurbishment Finance in 10 Days

Summer 2023

The situation – During a home renovation project to install a modern new kitchen as well as a general revamp of the property, our Northern Ireland based clients found themselves in urgent need of a secured loan to fund unforeseen building costs. With tradesmen already in place, the project would be lost if the finance couldn’t be secured and fast.

Looking for a loan in the region of £25k, the clients were referred to The Loan Partnership and we offered to help. 

Kitchen renovation loan from The Loan Partnership

Our solution – With a need for speed, we quickly established the full situation with the clients with a quick phone call and started approaching bridging lenders. Due to our criteria knowledge and lender access, we identified Tandem as a suitable lender for the clients, due to their quality of service and more importantly their application and underwriting speed. 

Supporting the application at each stage from enquiry through to completion, we was able to secure the clients the £25k loan they needed in just 10 days. Due to the team’s hard work and tenacity, the clients were able to complete the renovation project without delays or unnecessary additional costs. we

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Case Studies

Fast £800k Chain Break Bridging Loan

Fast £800k chain break bridging loan

Summer 2023 The situation – Looking to move and having spotted their dream home, the clients were experiencing difficulties selling their existing property, despite being a beautiful large detached 4-bedroom family home in a sought after area of Solihull.  Not wanting to lose their dream residential property, the married couple were considering a £800k chain break bridging loan to make some minor home improvements to help the sale as well as ensure they had the funds needed to purchase the new property.  Having never experienced bridging finance before, they approached their mortgage broker.  As one of the couple had a unique employment position, being employed as a captain on a ship for a well known shipping company, their existing broker recommended the clients to The Loan Partnership, given our established reputation for dealing with bridging loans with complex requirements. Bridging advisor Russ offered to help secure them an affordable deal, and quickly.
The Loan Partnership case study of chain break loan for residential home
Russ Davies The Loan Partnership

Our solution – After an initial phone call with the clients to fully discuss their situation. Russ set to work to source them a fast chain break loan with a competitive rate and minimal fees. 

With senior contacts within several bridging lenders and in-depth criteria knowledge, Russ quickly identified that Greenfield Mortgages were the right bridging lender for the clients. Given Russ’s pre-application due diligence and strength of his communication, Greenfield Mortgages quickly agreed to a competitive loan for our clients with flexible terms to suit their budget.

Thanks to his dedication and expertise, we’re happy to say Russ was able to secure the funding they needed to secure the dream home and make the property improvements to help sell their current home. Very happy clients indeed.

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Case Studies

£115k Debt Consolidation With Bad Credit

£115k debt consolidation with adverse credit

July 2023

The situation – Looking to streamline their finances, while also raising some capital, our clients approached The Loan Partnership to discuss options for a large second charge mortgage. Hoping to consolidate their monthly outgoings, as well as purchase a new car and make some much-needed home improvements, the Hertfordshire based clients were looking for affordable deals for a £115,000 loan.

Applying as a married couple but with additional income complexities as one of the clients was a day rate contractor through an umbrella company with some historic credit issues. Due to this, the clients were unsure the best lenders to approach and how much they could borrow given their situation, so sought expert advice. With years of experience of dealing with second charge mortgages, advisor Nicola was the broker to help.

The Loan Partnership Hertfordshire property
Nicola Hughff The Loan Partnership

Our solution – After taking the time to discuss all of the clients’ requirements and needs, Nicola used her in-depth market knowledge to find the best solution. 

With access to a wide range of lenders across the market, Nicola was quickly able to identify an option that would allow them to consolidate their debts into one monthly payment and would provide the clients with the money required for their personal plans. 

Supporting them throughout the process, the clients were able to quickly secure a favourable deal with United Trust Bank and are now in a much better financial position.

What the clients said:

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“Every so often you come across an individual that shines above all others and Nicola Hughff personable manner and professionalism is one that is rarely seen. A huge credit to The Loan Company. AAA*”

05 July 2023​

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