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Exceptional support with Second Charge loan applications

First and foremost The Loan Partnership really is a specialist secured loans master broker with a real understanding of the finance industry, the market and the products that are available. It means we can turn your secured loan opportunities into completions and we relish the chance to prove we can deliver for you.

With rates lower than they have ever been, and Second Charge mortgages no longer seen as a product of last resort, you can be reassured that we have both the resources and expertise to support your choice to consider a secured loan, and to guide you and your customers to the right solution for their financial wellbeing.

It’s this drive to deliver the highest standards that has brought its rewards. For the second year running, The Loan Partnership was voted WINNER at the prestigious Loan Talk Awards, in recognition of outstanding standards of quality and service to the finance industry.


 An award winning partnership you can put your trust in

tlp_trust_inThe customer’s needs are at the heart of everything The Loan Partnership does. Taking time to understand a customer’s situation and making sure they are getting the right advice before offering the right financial solution, is vital with every single case.

Our CeMAP qualified team has a deep rooted passion for service and a vast knowledge bank to draw upon, so you can have utmost confidence in our ability to deliver service and products to the very highest standards, with efficiency and effectiveness.

Value through strong relationships

Our ability to serve Introducers and their customers is made all the more valuable through the lender relationships we have continued to build on. It allows us to access an exceptional range of loans, and makes it possible for The Loan Partnership to deliver individually tailored plans that tick the box for a much wider customer profile than ever before. For example we can often place deals which sit outside published terms so you’ll benefit from client business that we can assist with, where other brokers may have tried and failed. It’s always worth giving The Loan Partnership a call, you may be surprised at how we can help.



Let’s start working together, why not contact us today?

No time wasted, no shortage of experience to crack the tougher cases and no lack of commitment from its people, The Loan Partnership supports its partnerships wholeheartedly and completely. So talk to The Loan Partnership. If you have just one test case, we’d love you to give us a try.