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Second Charge mortgage specialists at your service

First and foremost we really are specialists in providing Second Charge mortgages. We have a real understanding of the business we work in, the market and the products that are available. It means we can turn your secured loan opportunities into completions and we relish every chance we get to prove we can deliver for you.

Explore the benefits of Second Charges through The Loan Partnership…


A smooth operation from lead to loan

No time wasted, no shortage of experience to crack the tougher cases and no lack of commitment from its people, The Loan Partnership supports its partnerships wholeheartedly and completely. Blemain’s Commercial Director, Marc Goldberg, summed up the thoughts of those people who have benefited from the service The Loan Partnership has to offer;

“This Company is marked as the brokerage whose business has had remarkable growth in 2014, their attitude towards TCF, conduct and fees puts them head and shoulders above the rest. This Company has grasped the changes affecting the industry and really understands the customer.”

Our lender relationships open more doors

Thanks to our focus on developing exceptional lender relationships, we can open doors for all kinds of people seeking financial support with a secured loan. So talk to The Loan Partnership. If you have just one test case, we’d love you to give us a try.