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Questions and Answers

Our answers to commonly asked questions are given below and we have covered everything from compliance regulations to product information.

The way we work

Does The Loan Partnership have strict processes?

Our processes have been honed through many years of experience in the finance industry. Every stage a loan application goes through is rigidly followed and carefully managed.

How do you find the right people to build the team?

Thankfully we have built a great reputation among our peers and colleagues we have known and worked with over the years so we’re never short of great people we can trust to do the job.

Do you give priority to one or more introducers?

No, we never put the needs of one introducer in front of another. An introducer can place one deal a year, and be treated exactly the same way as an introducer we work with every day.

Do your people have a common goal or mission statement?

Yes we do, we firmly believe in our broker promises and we make every effort to maintain them at all times.

What happens if a case doesn’t fit criteria?

We look upon this as a challenge, and will work closely with our lenders to show them the merits of an application and work with them to find a suitable offer for the customer


Do your people understand the importance of working compliantly?

Yes, every person who joins The Loan Partnership participates in internal training and listens to conversations on ‘live’ cases. We assess competence on an individual basis every month

Is there a compliance checklist you adhere to?

Yes, there is. Each application is carefully checked at enquiry, underwriting and sales stages, and further checked during the actual processing of the loan. Decisions are made through judgment and in-depth understanding of the circumstances of the applicant. It’s a skill that our people possess and we’re confident in their ability

How much tolerance is there with different lenders?

We often arrange a loan for a customer that falls outside the usual criteria set by the particular lender. Some lenders are able to more flexible than others. Our skill is finding the right home for each customer.

Our products

Do you regularly review the latest products?

We are always evaluating our products, and our close relationships with lenders means we always hear about product updates from them directly, when they happen.

What is your typical customer profile?

It’s difficult to profile our customers. As long as they are over 18, they are eligible for a loan, and we’ll do all we can to help, no matter what the circumstances are. They have to be homeowners and demonstrate their ability to afford the monthly repayments

Can you help people who don’t have an employed income?

Yes, we have many plans suitable for customers who don’t have a regular income, which can include the retired and self-employed.

How long does a Second Charge mortgage take to complete following application?

A Second Charge mortgage can complete in just 10 days, as long as the signed agreement is returned to us upon receipt. Realistically, 3 weeks is normal..

What kind of property a loan can be secured against?

Almost any kind of property can be used as security – and that includes land, just as long as the valuation meets the criteria.

Broker support

Do you offer training for introducers?

Yes, we can offer training days, workshops and information sheets to help introducers understand our products and make the most of the opportunities that exists in loans and finance.

Does the commission vary according to introducer?

No it doesn’t. We are fully transparent, and believe our commission rate is in line with most brokers in our industry.

What makes The Loan Partnership better as a business partner?

There are many reasons, including experience in the industry, knowledge and professionalism. Primarily we believe our success rate in converting loan applications is second to none, and coupled with the market leading commission we pay and our focus on compliance, it makes us good people to deal with.

How can we provide our feedback to The Loan Partnership?

There is no official channel in place, however our Directors Andy Pelley and John Webb very much work in the business on a day to day basis and are keen to hear what people think of The Loan Partnership.


If you have a question that is not answered on our website, please contact us, we’d be delighted to answer your questions, however difficult or awkward you feel they are.