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Our Processes

We don’t process loans, we guide them through to completion with care and devotion. Yes we’re committed to knowing our numbers, following procedures and getting the job done, and our many years of experience in the business has taught us to deliver solutions by understanding people – the broader picture if you like.

It’s important therefore to take each and every customer application and search for the story behind it. Finding the right loan for a customer sometimes demands knowledge of their financial and personal situation that needs uncovering. It’s effort that some loan providers aren’t prepared to put in.

We search our panel of lenders

We shop around our panel of lenders to find the right loan for your client. Even though it might seem hard to get a loan from some providers, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised by how many of your customers we can help. From the moment your application is received we will act on it.

Step by step to completion

Our Processes

Our range of products

A summary of our secured loan and bridging finance terms can be found by clicking here. If you have an application you would like to discuss, call us anytime on 01923 250 090 or email the outline of the application to